Why I enrolled for Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nano Degree (DMND) Program? You should too…

I love exploring. I am a Materials Engineer by my core competency and previous work experiences. I am pursuing my Doctoral Studies in the same domain. Little do the professional world know that I am very passionate Photographer/Videographer and Creative Graphic Designer.

The activities I do out of passion are on the digital platform and the prospective clientele projects are to be reached out to an digital audience. This made me realize that I wanted to build a foundation in Digital Marketing. I started looking for online and offline resources available to be make myself aware of the same. I came across quite a few classroom trainings and online resources but clearly the Digital Marketing Nano Degree (DMND) Program from Udacity stood out; the major highlight being the reviews I came across online. Furthermore, the course is in collaboration with companies like Google, Facebook, etc. and it provides an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

A few weeks into the course, I am really happy that I signed up for this. The course is structured beautifully: with videos, examples, live projects, evaluation and community features for that ‘real’ classroom feeling. It happens to be an unique program that provides the real-world experience by making you to do things like running social media campaigns and understanding the virtual marketing world.

I am looking forward to the upcoming sessions of Social Media Advertisement, Search Engine Optimization, Email-campaigning this course that deals with , Google adwords etc.

I have realized that it is our habit of learning that will keep us in good stead during this hour of massive shift. I thought it would be prudent to learn something ‘hands-on’ from some of the masters in the industry, and possibly have a credible certificate that is recognized by the industry. Digital Marketing was a topic that I was very interested in, given that it was an area I had challenges in during my start-up stints. Given that this area is only going to gain even more significance the world gets more and more digital, I thought I should start with this topic. My research for the best available course online took me to sign up for the course.

I hope on the successful completion of this course, I’ll be able to perfect the art of Digital Marketing. I have understood that I’m proud to say that I never stop learning and improving.